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How would BTS react if you spoke informally to them? Let's say you're only like 14/15


Jin: little girl if you don’t correct yourself when speaking to your oppa


Suga: lord have mercy *doesn’t know what to do*

J-Hope: *gifs speak for themselves*

Rap Monster: who da hell does she think she’s talking to..

Jimin: why are you like this?

Taehyung: *once he hears you speaking informally* ooop. i’m gonna go tell your parents. speaking to an elder that way smh

Jungkook: *internal conflict* “well i’m not that much older than her should I let it be? dear god help me” *nervous smile*

HAHA this was fun. hope you all enjoyed -admin M


kyungsoo - ep 1 

kai trying to undress luhan


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