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Well i’m already in a 4 years relationship & my bae still hate kpop in general let alone exo T_T

but hey bae loves you! x3

I’m actually shocked that my relationship already lasted 3 weeks and bae didn’t accepts my Exo feels x’D

There is Jongdae and then there is Tao

Just Imagine


It’s morning and you’re eating breakfast. All of a sudden, you see a sleepy half naked Hoseok walk out of your room. He smiles at you and asks:

"what’s for breakfast?"



Random Lumin comic~~


Can you share your favorite xiumin gifs? :D

these xiugifs are wonderful, give me life and are appropriate for almost every situation in life


Aw I want to be your friend can i be your friend I love unicorns <3 btw how was your day xing-xing?

Yayyay!!’ Come here!! Be my friend! ;3;

How to integrate into a group of asians when they all just speak Chinese or Korean or whatever OTL I need friends FML

Bae so romantic pls

There’s a Chinese guy in my seminar and he’s called Chen. Someone call da doctah.

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